Supervisor-Student Relationship

Why is it not like it used to be years before

Transformation of Education

How was it years ago ?
Authority of the supervisor, Knowledge of Supervisor, –> Students were obliged, without discussion; Obidience of Students, Loyality of Students.

Access to Knowledge/Information is Unlimited/Unrestricted
Availiability of platforms and tools for research

Promoting and Projecting Students
Supervisor is Parent
Knowledge Popularization or Transfer to Society
Communication, Discussion, Decisions and Mutual Trust
Advice, Maintain Spirits, Revive Interest and Enthusiasm, Encourage: Best Positive Attitude
Teamwork and Cooperation between Supervisor and Student
Monitor Students Progress
Students Energy and Effort before Discussion
Focus of student: Develop Creative Work
Student must strive to be creative through his/her ideas to enrich work
Mutual Respect: Respect from the heart and mind between both.

More to follow………

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